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Folks, Stefan Marjoram needs some encouragement for his auto advent series

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Art is hard. Sure, it looks easy to non-artists, but making art typically involves long lonely stretches head down on a project, often unsure whether the project will lead to something awesome (and maybe a paycheck) or will turn out to be a giant waste of time. Judging from Stefan Marjoram‘s posts regarding this year’s auto advent calendar series of sketches, Stefan’s wondering whether the series is still worth it.

If you’re not familiar with the calendar, it’s Stefan’s skull-a-day attempt to do something artistic every day through the month of December, an endeavor we’ve covered (off and on, admittedly) and appreciated (uninterruptedly) since he started doing it in 2011. Over those eight years, he’s sketched historic race cars, hot rods, flights of fancy, and this year’s theme: “The first thing that comes into my head that day.” Guaranteed whatever it is has that rolling shutter effect of tilting the wheels and tires forward.

But these sorts of projects don’t run on caffeine, nicotine, and eye strain alone. No, they need some sort of appreciation, some sort of acknowledgement, and that’s where we all step in. At the very least, check out the series, maybe drop Stefan a suggestion, and if you really dig his work, he’s selling prints on his Etsy shop.

I, for one, would like to see him continue. It’s a holiday tradition, after all.