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Four Links: The cult of the Lincoln Town Car, driving six generations of Land Cruiser, how tire rubber works, Mahindra Roxor loses latest court fight with Jeep

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  • The Lincoln Town Car ceased production in 2011, but for many, a ride in a “town car” still means an actual Town Car. The New York Times did a profile on a few owners dedicated to the plush Panther-platform sedan.

“They were and are bullet cars that can go 300,000 miles easily,” said David Gustafson…communications chairman of the National Lincoln and Continental Owners Club.

  • And, finally, FCA won the latest round of court battles against Mahrindra and its Roxor side-by-side. FCA says it looks too much like a Jeep. An earlier ruling went in favor of Mahindra, while the judge in the latest decision recommends a stop-sale order. The Detroit Free Press has all the details on the ongoing fued.