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Hemmings Auctions: Submissions Are Open!

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We’ve been rolling along for a couple of months now at Hemmings Auctions. We’ve witnessed some pretty cool cars cross our virtual block. Just about everyone on staff has seen something that has had us salivating at one point or another wishing we could have it in our garge. And when the bidding gets tight as the clock winds down—or the auction is extended with each last-minute bid—everything else stops in the office as we all watch it go down to the wire.

So far, we’ve gone through this process of ramping up our auction inventory by working with selected dealer partners we’ve had long relationships with and private sellers who signed up early for our auctions. Now that we’ve got this thing down, we’re extending submissions wide open for all of Hemmings Nation.

If you think you’ve got a car that would grab bidders’ attention, then we’d like you to submit it to Hemmings Auctions. Muscle car, street rod, classic truck, chrome-laden Fifties machine, svelte European sports car, Japanese icon, motorcycle, Brass Era wonder, or even a Full Classic—we want to see what you are selling. Odds are, our growing list of registered bidders wants to see it, too.

Now, here’s the thing: Not every car makes the cut, and the classifieds remains a great home for many cars offered here at Hemmings. We’re looking for driver-quality or better collector cars. We’re also looking for a diversity of automobiles and motorcycles to offer our bidders, so pretty much every category of car is worthy of being represented in our auctions.

We are not looking for every car to be a show winner, but we are also not looking for project or parts cars. Some expectations: We are looking for vehicles that that at the very least will run, even if other areas may not be perfect. If every system is functioning correctly, we will definitely share that in our listings. Hemmings Auctions are meant to feature interesting cars, not just used cars. While we understand that not every collector car is interesting to every collector, most of us can agree that the average family car that’s just a few years old probably doesn’t make the cut. Our goal is to offer variety on the Hemmings Auctions site and not turn it into a used-car lot. We’re pretty sure Hemmings Nations shares that sentiment.

We consider each car individually. In our quest to maintain interest in the auctions, we may suggest the classifieds or request a seller wait if a certain model has been overrepresented recently. Nothing generates buzz like a no-reserve auction, but we understand that not every seller wants to take that chance. So, following careful research, the seller’s own request, and prevailing market conditions, we will suggest a reserve amount. When we reach agreement on reserve, we then move the seller through the auction process.

So, show us what you’ve got, Hemmings Nation. If you think you’ve got a worthy candidate, submit your car for auction now at Hemmings Auctions.

The pursuit is on!