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Worth the trip: Photos and commentary from the ModenArt exhibit

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While the ModenArt exhibit that featured the works of Giancarlo Guerra, Afro Gibellini and Oriello Leonardi is now over, we did receive plenty of photos from the organizers of the exhibit and its opening night. We’re also fortunate to have received not one, but two reviews of the exhibit from our readers.

First, from William Hall, the same author who’s covered the Drive Home events for us:

Sad to say that there is no accompanying book, but there are some ideas about perhaps bringing the exhibit to the US as the curator Sr. Daverio is in the art gallery world in New York.

The true impact of the exhibit was its placement in the Chiesa San Marco (you can well imagine the Italians don’t let just anyone set up their easel in a church), with these coachbuilders taking their rightful place among the many wonderful Renaissance works of art.

Worth the trip to shake the hand of Sr. Gibellini, an unassuming master of his craft. We need to do more to draw a line between coachbuilding and the fine arts for the next generation of artisans.

We also heard from John Cavaciuti:

Yes, well I was one of the lucky ones to have visited the exhibition in the church of San Carlo Modena, in fact every day until I finally saw the last GTO body being carried off on the back of a trailer to Campogaliano. But what a wonderful experience. I spent many hours talking with Alfo Gabellini who was the master panel beater at Scaglietti and had worked on all the GTO250s. He explained that although the Turin body makers traditionally used models made of hardwood to beat out sheet aluminium to form the various panels for welding together to form the bodies before shipping off to the car makers, at Modena they used models made of welded steel rods to form a bird cage on which to beat out the panels. At the exhibition, the organisers showed a short video of Sig. Alfro Gibellini and Sig. Oriello Leonardi working together on a GTO, very interesting. Other highlights of my week in Modena, apart of course from indulging in the wonderful local food, was a visit to Paninis private collection of Maseratis, the Maserati showroom and factory assembly lines, brilliant, and of course the Ferrari museum where the new Monza SP1 is on display, probably the finest looking sports car ever, ask Gordon Ramsey!

Keeping our fingers crossed for the possibility of the show coming to the States. In the meantime, those photos should tide us over: