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VIDEO: Sifting for precious metals in them hills

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What’s the one thing that unites all gearheads? The one pilgrimage that we all dream about? That one singular experience that separates us from mere mortals…or, at least, the smarter guy on the block? The fabled junkyard run, of course!

And, let’s face it: we’re losing more great old junkyards than are being maintained or even started. Ask any independent yard owner, who’s got anything vintage in the lot, and you’ll hear all about it: the rest of the world wants to see less of these hot rod valhallas, not more. Point is, get out there, hunt down these great old yards, go visit and buy something. Doesn’t even have to be something you need right away. Just go: half the battle is “being there.” Talk to the owner. Talk to the folks at the closest diner when you get breakfast on your way over there. Look around. Ask questions. Be curious. Have fun. Sooner than you’d like to think about, you won’t be able to do this kind of thing on a glorious Saturday morning…