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Four-Links – Milwaukee Mile, Israeli diesel Checkers, Lupin III, Mustang III

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Bringing back the Milwaukee Mile

As we wrote earlier this year, the push to bring professional racing back to the Milwaukee Mile has been building momentum, and Milwaukee Magazine recently checked in on that campaign and its vision for the future of the Mile, including comments from radio host Jim Tretow and ARCA Midwest Tour President Gregg McKarns:

You cannot put a race on with your heart. It’s going to fail miserably. The risk has to be worth the reward,” Tretow says.

Some even dare to dream that NASCAR or IndyCar might return. It’s an expensive dream. It would cost $2 million to land either league, and millions more for a single race, according to Tretow. But it’s one that appears much closer than it did three years ago, thanks to the efforts of a few men who refuse to let Milwaukee Mile racing die.

“We didn’t put all that work in to only do one event,” McKarns says.

Israel’s diesel Checkers

Though Checker declined to participate in MoMA’s taxi of the future project, that doesn’t mean the carmaker didn’t at least look into alternative fuels like diesel, as we see from this history of the Perkins-powered Checkers that operated as interurban transport in Israel.

In the early 1960s, cab drivers in Tel Aviv managed to influence law-makers to pass a regulation preventing other taxi drivers from outside the city to come and work in it, claiming they were losing work to these “outsiders.” So Israel was divided to eight taxi areas and cab drivers were instructed to serve passengers only within their designated area. There was even a specific paint scheme assigned to each area, as all cabs were adorned by a thick painted line surrounding the cab at the base of the windows, with a different color to each area- North was blue, Haifa was red, Jerusalem was white, Tel Aviv was yellow and so on. That regulation allowed for inter-city cabs permitted to serve passengers both in-between and within cities. The inter-city taxis were painted black, with yellow trim.

In 1967 Checker would produce 90 Checker Model A11 diesel conversions for export. The customer was N. Feldman & Son, Checker’s agent in Israel, over the next 15 years Checker would have many success and failures with the Haifa, Israel based company selling diesel taxicabs.

More classic cars in the latest Lupin III

As Japanese Nostalgic Car’s Ben Hsu noted, the Lupin III anime franchise has a tradition of featuring lifelike renderings of classic cars from Japan and throughout Europe, and the upcoming CGI installment continues that tradition.

Though the franchise dates back 1967, the star car of the series since 1979 has been a yellow Fiat 500, which Fiat actually made a real-life limited edition version of in 2009. Most of the adventures take place in Europe, and are thus filled with classic Lancias and Peugeots. However, a few vehicles that may be of interested to JNC readers, at least in the anime, have included a Toyota Celica TA22, Datsun Fairlady Roadster, S54 Prince Skyline, and a Prince Gloria.

Found photos of the Mustang III show car

Last month, Howard Kroplick found a bunch of photos of the Mustang III under construction at Dearborn Steel Tubing that show how much work went into the shorty Stang.

* Finally, though the Corvette-ish mid-engine mystery supercar that first splashed across the internet a few years ago has stumped many an observer, the Carchaeology YouTube series recently got ahold of it and explained exactly who built it, what parts he used, and the rest of the story behind the car’s construction. (via)