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When worlds collide

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We often find ourselves saying, around here, “We don’t live on vintage muscle, alone.” Sure, you can substitute any strain of car culture for “vintage muscle,” but the point is, as much as we love our cars, we also love music, food, movies, books, magazines, art, cowboy hats, probably anything mechanical, maybe some woodworking and metalsmithing…you get the idea.

So, when we come across an old photo like this one, with so much goodness crammed into the frame, it’s hard to soak it in all at once. Just look at those piecrusts and boots! That polished – what, Ansen? – and 10-gallon belt buckle! That custom paint and flat-top cowboy hat! And just…Bocephus!

Is Tennessee Speed/Sport still open? Is that ’68 Camaro still in someone’s garage? Is that a riding heel? Take us to school, Hemmings Nation: let’s hear all about what brought a 1st-gen Camaro, drag racing and country music all together in one glorious photo…