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Hemmings Find of the Day: 1961 Morgan 4/4

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1961 Morgan 4/4 with extensive photographs for sale on From the seller’s description:

This pristine 1961 Morgan 4/4 is one of the 387 Series II models produced by Morgan between October of 1955 and November of 1961. It was actually assembled in 1960, but in the United States it was registered as a 1961. It is equipped with the original Ford 100E sidevalve engine with a single Solex carburetor.

The car was initially purchased from Fergus Motors in New York City around February-March of 1961 and shipped to its first owner in Illinois (the original bill of sale and correspondence relating to the sale are included with accompanying materials and documentation). The first owner had the car registered through 1963 when it went into storage until late 2014 when it was put up for auction and sold.

This owner was a British sportscar enthusiast and restorer who took the car apart and reassembled it, cleaning up everything (although it didn’t need much) and replacing parts such as hoses, etc. as necessary. He also added a tachometer and replaced the tires with new radials and hood swivels were added to make securing the top easier. The ash wood parts of the frame have no evidence of dry rot or other damage.

When the car was taken out of storage in 2014 it had 3,100 miles on it and only has around 3,600 today. Virtually all parts of the car are original besides the steering wheel which was replaced with a smaller Brooklands wheel to allow for easier entry and exit but the original wheel comes with the car.

This car is a time capsule and a nearly perfect example of an early 1960s Morgan. Feel free to contact the seller through Hemmings for further information and more details about this car.

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Forest Hill, Maryland
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1961 Morgan 4/4 red side view 1961 Morgan 4/4 front red parked 1961 Morgan 4/4 rear red license plate 1961 Morgan 4/4 interior red

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