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Where the Volkswagen GTI’s plaid comes from – Hemmings Daily Briefing

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Today’s daily briefing covers the origin story of the plaid seats in the Volkswagen GTI, what happens when a 2017 Ford GT turns into a used car, and what James Bond will be driving in his next movie.

Going the plaid

Volkwagen GTI Plaid interior

If you like the plaid seats in the Volkswagen GTI, thank Gunhild Liljequist. A part of VW’s Department of Fabrics and Colors, she was the one who added a bit of spirit to the Golf’s character for the 1976 GTI. According to a story on the Volkswagen Media Site, Liljequist took inspiration from travels in Great Britain for the seat pattern now known as Clark Plaid. She also came up with the idea for the car’s golf ball shift knob, saying “I just expressed my sporting and golf associations out loud: ‘how about a golf ball as the gear knob?'”

Ford GT sells for $1,540,000

Ford GT first resale Barrett Jackson

The current Ford GT, which began production in 2017, is sold out with all 1,350 copies made, and yet to be made, accounted for. So if you want one, you just buy someone else’s, right? Not so fast. Ford stipulates as part of the purchase agreement that you can’t sell the car for two years in a effort to reduce the incentive to flip the cars for a profit. Professional wrestler John Cena sold his, resulting in a legal battle with Ford that was later settled. That car has since been sold several more times.

Tthe two-year limit is starting to expire, allowing several GT owners to see what their cars will fetch on the market. The first such car just sold at Barrett-Jackson’s 2019 Las Vegas auction for 1,540,000, including buyer’s premium. That’s the same amount Cena’s car got during one of its sales, and it about three times as much as the car cost new. The car in question is a Heritage Edition model, with a livery in tribute to GT40 that Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon drove to victory in the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans. It has 30 miles on the odometer, which means that even with a 2-year waiting period, this car appears to have been purchased to flip for profit.

The latest James Bond Aston Martins


That tweet pretty much covers it. No Time to Die is Daniel Craig’s fifth and final time playing the role of Agent 007, and he’ll get behind the wheel of both classic and modern Aston Martins, including the Valhalla hypercar. The movie will be in theaters in April 2020.