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Hemmings Find of the Day: 1951 Kaiser Henry J custom

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Customized 1951 Kaiser Henry J for sale on From the seller’s description:

Fresh out of the barn is this high-quality built roadster it is on a Henry J platform there are remnants of Henry J in the build but everything else on it is one off custom built, the grill tail lights bodywork everything is one off custom made all bodywork is done in lead , it’s very hard to tell that isn’t a factory built car. The craftsmanship is outstanding on this vehicle it is definitely built by a high-end coachbuilder or shop that specialized in prototype car builds Here is the story that came with the car I bought it from the son of a Henry J collector who had a pretty extensive collection and parts business, he had Chased this car for 10 years and found it in Florida was able to buy it , he brought it home and he and his wife restored it to what you see now. There is a folder in the car that tells a little story about this vehicle being purchased brand new from a Henry j dealership in Indiana somewhere and taken across town to a shop and turned into this , for what reason , that information has been lost , who built it , that information has been lost , this could’ve been built for a movie star or a movie or someone famous or for the Detroit autoramma show circuit This car has amazing detail on the side trim and on the doors , the one off custom tail lights the one off custom grill even the interior was done custom , The dash looks like it’s basket woven but that is actually painted and not a decal so there’s a high volume of skill involved in doing that alone, it does run and drive. it features a supersonic flat head six and manual transmission and I started up and drive around the neighborhood all the time the brakes work good the tires are old and crusty but still hold air The leather interior is completely shot and this car has a weird second windshield for the passengers it is a boat style windshield that flips back onto the deck lid to allow the passengers to get into the backseat and then it folds forward over him creating a dual Cowl effect, The second windshield was built specifically for this car it is not off of anything. Who knows what this car is worth I’ve been trying to track down the prominence on it but every time I get a lead I chase it and it comes up to a dead end maybe somebody here will know this car could be worth millions of dollars if it turns out to have the right prominence I need to move it on down the line so I’m asking $35,000.00

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Yorba Linda, California
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