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Daily Briefing: Rare Oaklands at the AACA Museum; Russo and Steele venue is finalized

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Oaklands on Display

Image courtesy of the AACA Museum

The board at the AACA Museum have announced a display of early Oakland vehicles curated by the Keystone State Chapter of the Pontiac-Oakland Club. The display will have three Oakland cars, two of which, a 1916 Model 50 and a 1923 Model 6-44 two-door 5-passenger coupe, are believed to be the only ones left of their model year. The other car is a 1923 Model 6-44 touring car.

The rotating temporary display allows the AACA Museum to team up with automobile clubs to provide an area to show unique vehicles and carry on their stories. The Oaklands will be available for viewing through October 20 in Hershey, Pennsylvania. For more information, visit

Russo and Steele’s 20th Anniversary venue is set

Image courtesy of Russo and Steele

The organizers at Russo and Steele announce their return to Scottsdale with their auction taking place just south of the North 101 Freeway and Scottsdale Road. The location will provide improved visibility, parking and a larger display area. President and CEO Drew Alcazar is confident that the layout “gives sellers and buyers the best platform to experience an unforgettable year.” The 20-plus acre site will also allow for spectators to easily access all the weeks’ car events in the Valley of the Sun.

The auction will take place January 15-19 with over 800 cars expected. For more information, visit