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Hemmings Find of the Day: 1974 Ford Pinto

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Unrestored survivor 1974 Ford Pinto for sale on From the seller’s description:

This all original Pinto is in excellent condition in appearance and running condition. The paint is factory Orange (Ford paint code 5W). It has never had a repaint and still looks excellent. The same goes for the first year of 5 mile per hour chrome bumpers and trim. Most likely the California climate where this car was born and raised had alot to do with it.

The interior is completely original and also in excellent condition for its age. The only notable flaw is the ware from usage on the drivers seat which is shown in the photos. Other than that, it looks incredible. Every feature and option works like new including the factory air conditioning. Wipers, lights, turn signals and aftermarket AM-FM Stereo work as well.

Overall, this lil Pinto is very clean with no rust ever. The factory Red Oxide is still visible just about everywhere on the undercarriage.

The engine is its original 2.3 liter (2300cc) Inline 4cylinder. This was the optional engine choice on the Pinto. Its original 2 barrel carburetor and factory 4-speed transmission are in perfect running order. This car is actually fun to drive. She starts immediately, idles smoothly and goes well enough to keep up with todays traffic. Shifting is unbelievably smooth. Tires and brakes have plenty of life left. The is absolutely nothing to do but go!

Finally, It is a well known fact that these cars were like time bombs when hit in the rear. This was true however this car has been modified in the rear with steel that protects the gas tank and eliminates the danger. We are not sure if this was from a factory recall or something that was rectified by Ford before this car was built. Either way, you can feel secure when driving this car. If the issue had still exited, FMC would never have purchased this car nor would we ever attempt to sell it to anyone. Safety First! Photos of the rear undercarriage of the car show the protective frame behind the gas tank.

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Old Bethpage, New York
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