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Four-Links – Iso Lele 50th, UAW strike history, Viper’d Wasp, Harry Phillips

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Last weekend’s Iso Lele 50th anniversary celebration in Bresso brought out a good number of Isos (translation) to the company’s former headquarters, only a handful of them Leles. Iso enthusiasts hope the celebration will help persuade Bresso to finally build the long-planned Iso museum there.

* The New York Times this week took a look at what UAW strikes have netted auto workers over the years.

For a century, labor unions have used halted production as a means of securing the rights and benefits that they believe their workers are entitled to. Early U.A.W.-backed walkouts led to the unionization of workers at G.M. in 1937 and Ford in 1941, shaping the way factory floors operated and working conditions were established.

* There’s not much Hudson left in this 1951 Wasp now that it sits on a tube frame with a Viper V-10 under the hood. As Engine Swap Depot wrote this week:

Kenny Welch and his company Kenny’s Rod Shop in Boise, Idaho, built this 1951 Hudson Wasp for Mike Dennison. The hot rod rides on a custom tube chassis with an Art Morrison front suspension, custom four-link rear suspension, RideTech shocks, and Wilwood disc brakes. Under the hood sits a 8.3 L Viper V10 with custom intake and headers mated to a six-speed manual transmission and Ford 9-inch rear end.

* The salesman who sold Captain Stanley Tucker one of the first Ford Mustangs to be released (if inadvertently) to the public hasn’t seen the car since he sold it. That changed this week when he traveled to The Henry Ford, where the car lives today.

Capt. Tucker’s role in the story is well known, but Harry Phillips’ part was largely forgotten until the Newfoundland and Labrador Mustang Club made him guest of honor at a fundraiser for a children’s charity.

His granddaughter Stephanie Mealey, who’s an academic in St. John’s, knew nothing about the story. When she learned it, she began a social media campaign, “Send Harry to the Henry.” Phillips, Mealey and Mealey’s mother, Heather, will get a VIP tour of the museum and Rouge plant where Ford built Mustang Serial No. 1

* Finally, Chris Labrooy.