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Mindbender, indeed!

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OK, OK–forgive the blurriness, but we had to blow this thing up to see all the crazy-good details in it: that digger, the paint, the trailer, the ’58 Chevy in the background, the fuelie set-up, the beehive…put it all together into one glorious scenario captured on color film and we can barely stand it. Honestly.

So, who ran the “Mindbender?” Who built it? Who painted it? On top of all that (literally and figuratively), who’s the girl? Where was this portrait of all that is good in America actually made? Frankly, we could do our usual deep-dive and find out about as much as the interwebs will cough up on this epic thing, but it’s so much more fun – and more interesting/entertaining – to hear from Hemmings Nation!

So, fire it up: let’s hear what you know about this car and maybe you were behind the camera? Look, it wouldn’t be the first time we unearthed all the players in what would otherwise be a completely obscure, amazing photo we found online…