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VIDEO: A short tribute to Tom Jobe of The Surfers

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Tom Jobe, a third of the legendary “Surfers” dragster team that romped across the sport in the Sixties, passed away last week. Jobe, Bob Skinner and Mike Sorokin weren’t surfers at all, but they were clean-cut kids from Southern California who looked like they belonged on a Gidget set more than a dragstrip, so the nickname sorta stuck. What also stuck was the impression and influence they left on the sport and industry of Top Fuel drag racing.

The three figured out how to use higher percentages of nitromethane, better combinations of rotating assemblies, more efficient fuel delivery and put it all together in a short-bodied rail that beat just about everyone and everything that ever dared run up against them. And they did it all in just a few short years before any of them even turned 30.

Tom was the last of the Surfers and, with his passing, we’ve lost another veteran of the Golden Era of drag racing and high-performance. Enjoy this short clip of just one of the amazing moments of Jobe’s life, caught on film. Rest in performance, Tom Jobe!