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Don’t do this.

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We come across some great vintage celluloid in our line of work. It’s one of the real joys of the job, y’know? And amidst the amazing hair styles and the bias-ply slicks and the magnesium wheels and the sheer volume of amazing cars all captured on film over the years by amateur photographers and their random pocket cameras, it’s the situations…the real moments, man, frozen in time that we dearly love so much.

And it’s with that in mind that we bring you this gem: a moment – probably in the mid-Seventies – captured for us to be amazed by, some 40-plus years later. Could this guy have ever imagined we’d be talking about his mechanical prowess through a phone in our pocket or screen on our kitchen tables? Probably not. But he’d have to imagine that someone would be talking about this photo at some point after it was taken. And that someone might be wondering if he even survived this particular task.

Anyone know this cat? The car? Are either one of them still around? Had they each survived this particular day? Is it you in the photo? Is that you behind the camera? Fill us in, Hemmings Nation!