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Tom Jobe, the last of the Surfers drag team, dies

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Photo via NHRA.

Tom Jobe, the last of the Surfers drag team, died earlier this month at the age of 89. If you’re not a hardcore drag racing fan (or if you weren’t paying close attention to the story on Mickey and Danny Thompson’s Challenger II this week), you may not have heard of the man. You probably have heard, however, of nitromethane’s potential in a race engine, and Jobe was partially responsible for figuring out how to run ever-higher loads of nitro during the Surfers’ short time running their front-engine dragster.

Rather than tell the story ourselves, the more comprehensive story – told in Jobe’s own words – of the Surfers can be found in the video series on the race team that Bill Pitts compiled over the last couple of years. We’ve embedded part 1 below and assembled a complete playlist of all 51 parts, which will take up nearly 13 hours of your time should you choose to watch them all.