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VIDEO: Pikes Peak by horseback? Hoonicorn!

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It’s no secret we’re fans of Ken Block. And, from what we can tell by the video view numbers, we’re in good company with the rest of the conscious world.

There’s also no doubt that kid can drive. For the same reason we’ll drop everything to watch “Fast ‘N Furious: Tokyo Drift” for the eleventeenth time, we’ll stop in mid-sentence for any old Ken Block Hoonicorn video.

“But is it a muscle car, bro,” you may ask. Well, yeah. It’s a ’65 Mustang, after all. A highly-modified Mustang, purpose-built to do some crazy stuff, but isn’t that a fully-evolved version of a muscle car, anyway? We’d submit that yes, it definitely qualifies.

And here’s the other thing: we dig that Block, intentionally or not, used his meteoric impact on modern media to introduce an entirely new generation to the idea of American Muscle. Can’t hate him for that.

So, go warm up a fistfull of taquitos, crack open a fresh jar of salsa and spend 10 minutes basking in the glow of the Hoonicorn V2 run on Pike’s Peak. You’ll be a better muscle car steward for it.