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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1956 Ford Fairlane

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Gasser-style 1956 Ford Fairlane for sale on From the seller’s description:

This 2DR Fairlane was first customized in the 60’s. The black paint is one of the best indicators of its history. There is a very small amount of red metalflake in the black which was a common customization for the era. The yellow on the belt-lline was repainted “SunFusion” and the Patina was carefully preserved. This description of the paint is just one point in a massive list of all the great things about the history of this gasser

The car is officcally called “TUFF-N-UP”, a play on words that is obvious and original, at car shows people sometimes slap their nearby friend and say, Hey! “Toughen up!”

There are lots of details that make this car amazing and it has been a passionate project for me.

TUFF-N-UP has already been featured in 2 magazines GOOD GUYS and Street muscle since it has been recently brought out in its current state of “completon”.

I am a car guy and a garage hobby entusiast, I am not a dealer.

428 Cubic Inch, (for extra details check the botom of this add for the build sheet from the engine builder).

FE – Big BLock. Aftermarket Cobra Jet Industrial block. This block if you are not familiar with it will allow excessive horsepower, up to about 900 Horsepower, due to the extra webbing engineered into the strength of the block.

It has a Single 840CFM Holley Double pumper above an Offenhauser aluminum intake maniflod.

A Crower Cam, it is a solid lifter big overlap cam that makes the entire car shake at a fast Idle.

F100 1957 Truck staight axle w/ Disc brakesD

Currie 9 inch Ford. 31 spline, narrowed rearend, Positraction. Ladder bar prefabbed fitment mounting.

Borg-Warner Trans 5 SPD with .85 overdrive makes it freeway friendly even with 5.13 gears.

Mooneyes, REAL Original Moon Tank, fucntional as a Radiatior overflow tank.

Halibrands, the real deal, if fact these were NOS when I got them they had never been mounted I had the bevels CNC machined into the holes. They are 15X10’s on the rear.

Hurst cheater slicks, right out of the 60’s with th Hurst logo moulded/cast right into the casing of the tire in the original “crust”.

All stainless as new, just polished, All Chrome as new Just re-chromed.

Custom artwork and paint by the famous artist Mark Lueck! Artwork included

Mark Lueck is a friend of mine and the name on the door with be changed to your name-nickname as part of the sale, ( lettereing is easily changed as that portion of the lettering has not been clear coated.

4 Spal electric fans.

CNC reverse throw pedals hidden under dash. Hydralic clutch and front and rear separate systems for safety.

Quicktime belhousing/scattershield, adaptable to almost any transmission.

Location Marker
Alpine, California
Magnifying Glass

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