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WATCH THIS: Hauling vintage celluloid

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When we were looking around and talking about our lead story this week, we got to talking about the idea of the parts-getter. The swapmeet hauler. The pickup truck. And when we listed the rare-as-hen’s-teeth ’76 Ford F250 Bicentennial Edition, we thought, “Oh, yeah–you can’t live this life without a pickup truck!” That’s just a truth.

Full disclosure: your fearless editor is in lovelovelove with 6th-generation “dentside” Ford pickups. And honestly, if he couldn’t serve his predilections from time to time, what are we doing here, right? Anyway, back to the video: a compilation of (mostly) ’73-’79 Ford pickups. Great support vehicles for living your best muscle car life. And these trucks are just starting to find their own limelight, just off to the side of square-body GM circus and the awesome weirdo Dodge offerings (love them things).

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