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VIDEO: A great big, bad movie!

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Do we have a treat for you, this week: a terrible movie!

Look, there’s an art to a bad movie. It takes a certain amount of intestinal fortitude to actually endure it from one end to the other, but like we always say, “If there are cars in it, we’ll watch it.” And we’re guessing you’re probably the same way.

“Car Crash” seems to have been foisted upon us in 1981 as a “Spanish-Italian-Mexican action film” headlined by none other than Travolta – not John, rather his older brother Joey. That’s just sooooo B-movie, isn’t it? And while this is much more of an hour-and-a-half long trainwreck of a film than a car chase epic, it’s still worth the time for the cars.

And brother, does it have some cars: from monacle-screened Model T speedsters to snorkel-hooded Firebirds, this hot mess has a little something for everyone. So, fire up the dollar-store microwave popcorn, grab a sixer of your favorite cheap suds, plug in your iPad, block off two hours of your life and lower your expectations: CAR CRASH!