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WATCH THIS: The Evel that lurks within

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This life we live…this old car stuff…it’s full of heroes. Lots of larger-than-life personalities who weren’t going out without a fight. Plenty of characters drawn to the glory built-in to speed machines. People born with dark holes in the middle of them that could only be filled by some wicked brew of gasoline, molten rubber, magnesium shavings and 50-weight.

Don’t know about you, but we can never get enough of these folks. Flaws and all. At the top of that pile? Evel Knievel, of course. We’re not gonna waste your time telling you about any of the stories you’ve no doubt heard a thousand times, but we are gonna pause and ask you to spend a good 45 minutes on this well-produced documentary that aired on Country Music Television a few years ago, “True Grit.”

What’s that? You’ve seen it before? Yeah, well, we did, too. But that’s OK: it’s like listening to your “Ride The Lightning” album on that well-worn cassette in your Chevelle for the 743rd time: never gets old.