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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1927 Ford Model T hot rod

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From the seller’s description:

1927 Ford Model T

In a showroom with original, correct, straight standing, never waiver from the norm typical Model T or Model A there’s a statement to be heard from on this custom hot rod. Would that be fun? Would it be whimsy? Whatever it is, it may also include a smattering of rebellion. Think 1920’s Salt Flats and breaking speed records…in style.

In this interestingly conceived and built consignment inspired by a Gene Winfield Bonneville T, I give you all the above. From its use of a monochromatic scheme, but in matte and gloss, to just plain old throwing away parts that do not matter, and adding some that do, as well as tapping the genius of design and texture, and sugarcoat it with whimsy, I give you the ”Ole Salt” Model T Hot Rod/Artistic Creation/Land Speed replicate.

A chopped fender less, custom hood scooped Model T enclosed in Sacrete Gray (think of wet cement), overlaid with meandering dark warm grey pin striping which intersects with machined drilled flat black metal accents which wrap the steering arm exit, hood scoop, and formerly fender mountings. All this sits on a stretched and stepped 32 Ford frame. Rocket solid dish wheels in flat warm grey accented with chrome knockoff winged wheel nuts are wrapped with Excelsior Sport radials. A swooping pinstripe reminiscent of a casting fly line is seen whipping around the ”Ole Salt” Graphic in 50’s diner style including the Bonneville landscape in the background. Topped off with a Hartz cloth top over wood slats, this rod has a stance that is pure eye candy. Oh, and did I mention the painted ”squished” evinrudesque (a la the Rescuers) mosquito that has been snagged by the hood scoop, that’d be whimsy. Speaking of whimsy, the gas filler is incognito by the drivers tail light which flips out to reveal the filler port. Lastly a front wing is an exploration into early aerodynamics, as well as a clean scrub line.

Faux wrinkled and patina gray leather covers the split front seats that are heated and have a bench back. A center console is seen with a flip up leather wrapped top. Pulling a small chromed tab under the console, reveals a chrome cup holder. The dash is warm gloss grey, framed with drilled machined black metal, and a chromed cluster of Art Deco styled Dolphin gauges. A removable steering wheel is interesting and fronts the dash. Something this writer has not seen is a high quality dark neutral gray Berber carpet covering the floor and rear stowage compartment. Topping off the interior cocoon, is a wood lath ceiling, expertly jointed and strapped. This gives a wonderful warm glow to the interior and is another visual wrench in the conformity gears.

A 425CI Nailhead Buick V8 with an Edelbrock Carburetor, backed by a TH400 tranny, that is all business here (no whimsy). Add a 4” dropped drilled front axle and a drilled front wishbone, as well as a split stock rear wishbone. After you’ve done your run, Lincoln drum brakes in the front, and 11” Ford drums in the back will bring you to a halt so you can hear all the oooohs and ahhhhs.

1927 Ford Model T Tudor hot rod 1927 Ford Model T Tudor hot rod 1927 Ford Model T Tudor hot rod 1927 Ford Model T Tudor hot rod

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Morgantown, Pennsylvania
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