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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1994 Ford Taurus GL

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Maintained 1994 Ford Taurus GL for sale on From the seller’s description:

Everything works in this comfortable 6 passenger sport sedan. Garaged until recently, no rust, never driven in snow. Always starts strong and is reliable.

I knew the engineers and designers of this car . My job has me driving for days and weeks, thousands of new automobiles over the last 4 decades. Consistent predictable responsive performance is for me. This Ford Taurus has it.

The Bigest Engine ever in a Taurus makes it bold at high highway speeds. The Quick four-speed automatic overdrive completes the powertrain satisfaction. This engine makes this car.

Almost new engine about 8000 miles ago, completely rebuilt, beefed up and balanced. It took me a long time to find 76-year-old Bud and his machine shop. Bud is a engine artist. His experience and tools allows him to hand build engines one at a time per request.

Bud has built the Smoothest Essex 3.8L V-6. Buds’ Balance work made it lighter and quieter. Little-known, this engine has a built-in Counter-Rotating Balance Shaft to eliminate vibration. Simultaneously it was the exclusive engine of the larger luxurious Lincoln Continental. The Essex Engine Plant is still located in the city of Windsor,Ontario, Canada.

All major engine components were given a hot bath and de-carbonized.
Intake and Exhaust ports polished.
Valve Grind.
Crankshaft Grind
New Coated Pistons
New Bearings.
New Gaskets
New Cam Rollers
New Lifters
New Timing Set
New Ignition Wires
New Spark Plugs
New Integrated Relay Control
Rebuilt Computer Control Module

This engine is chock-full of special features like a tuned length intake manifold with sequential multiport fuel injection, new fast burn combustion chamber aided by a new injector mounting position. Quiet at speed.

Taurus is a proven performer. A design leader. An award winner. One of the most successful nameplates in history. Design responsibility belong to Jack Telnack now considered the father of the modern aerodynamic sedan. Jack told me at a cocktail party in 1984 that it was his responsibility as a designer “To Bring You the Future”. He went on to explain that anything you like right away is old, maybe familial and serving well but it is not improving your life. He clearly felt it was the responsibility of all designers to take you somewhere. He has taken me many places, maybe he’ll take you.

Jack felt America was ready for this honed second-generation. More windswept and lower. Challenging the best traits of automakers from Germany and Japan to create the number One selling automobile in the United States this model year. This is the Last American passenger car to be a number One best seller.

This Champagne Beige goes anywhere in comfortable quiet luxury. They pay you no mind. Deep tint from the outside keeps passengers anonymous and cool. Special tints look much lighter from the inside looking out for safty.

Special Features;

Power Locks
Dual Airbags

4 Wheel Disc Brakes with Computer-Controlled Antilock Brake System

5 Young 16 x 7 5-4.25/4.5 American Racing Type 895, Machined.
5 Young 225/55 ZR 16 Zeon RS 3-A all season with siping
2 Front ATE Vented Elliptical Slotted Rotors(with visual ware indicators you can see from 10 feet away)
Accurate Aligned Speed Sensitive Rack and Pinion Steering
Annual 4 Wheel Alignments
LED Superbright 3rd brake light
Light Group
LED Blue Foot Well Lights
Intermittent Wipers
6 Passenger Seating
Power Drivers Seat
Automatic Down Drivers Window
Power Windows
Childproof Rear Door Locks
Tilt Steering Wheel
Dual Electric outside mirrors
AM FM Cassette w/ 4 Speakers (Ford single play CD is cheap and easy to find.)
2 Clear Flush Headlamps (no flutes)
Presidential Window Tint

Cold R-134a Air Conditioning

Clean Carfax
All Original Glass
All Original Body Panels
All Original Suspension
All Original Brake, Backup and Perimeter Lighting
No Bondo
All Fluids Changed And/or Flushed within the last year.
Mobile One 10W-30
Tire Pressure and All Fluids maintained meticulously.

The first owner was a librarian. She hardly put wear on the seat. She took meticulous care all around and drove quite gently, I know her personally. Seat still fluffy not flat. Discount delivery within 48 contiguous States and southern Canada!

I took this photo of Jack Telnack, designer and Lewis Veraldi, engineer of Ford Taurus, Mercury Sable, Lincoln Continental Platforms at the Dearborn Proving Grounds in the summer of 1987. They were posing for some big magazine as American heroes. Both gentlemen were brilliant, loved Ford and always maintained a great sense of humor, perspective while on a mission.

The body structure is tight. We bought a new car and have no more room. I love driving this strong, performance, nimble, quick sedan. You will too.

This Taurus has spent its life in the Puget Sound area of the United States where the temperatures average between 40 and 80° most of the year with plenty of good fresh rain to wash all the impurities off and out from under your vehicle. Never driven in the snow. I left the suspension alone for you.

This GL model makes an outstanding daily car or show car. This car requires no work. Everything works as specified in the owner’s manual. The audio system is crisp clear and full. You will receive it with fresh fluids, proper tire inflation, vacuum cleaned interior and a polished and waxed exterior.

Location Marker
Seattle, Washington
Magnifying Glass

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