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WATCH…or better yet, LISTEN: Dave Wallace, Jr.!

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This week, we’re bringing you a great video that’s probably best just listened to while you’re googling vintage drag racing photos. The one and only Dave Wallace, Jr. – the hardest-working man in drag racing – sat down just long enough to be interviewed for an upcoming video production…and we were lucky enough to be on the email chain when he let us know about it!

Dave’s one of the most knowledgeable historians, track shooters, journalists and active champions for drag racing we know. And, pardon our French, he’s one helluva guy. One of our absolute favorite people in the business, if we’re being completely truthful, here. But let Dave fill you in a little more on the backstory of this interview:

A face made for radio, for sure!  You might enjoy this, anyway:  During a fuel session at the recent March Meet, alongside Famoso Drag Strip’s shutdown area, this UNedited, UNreleased, ruff video interview was recorded by my good buddy, COLE COONCE, for potential use in a racing-themed series that he’s pitching.  Ace-videographer LES MAYHEW was behind the camera. Authentic background sounds and parachutes were supplied by a succession of AA/Fuel Altereds and Funny Cars just behind me.

We can dig it. Since there’s no other video than just the lock-down camera on Dave, treat it like a podcast: much as he’d love for you to concentrate on his beautiful hair (only to be rivaled by the one and only Cole Foster for sheer virility), he’d probably forgive you for just listening as you do all that other important stuff you do online. Have mercy.