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Daily Briefing: Pontiac-Oakland Club featured at the AACA Museum; FIVA announces collaborative story project

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Photo courtesy of the Pontiac-Oakland Club International.

A trio of Pontiac GTOs are currently on display at the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) Museum in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The vehicles, belonging to a local chapter of the Pontiac-Oakland Club International (POCI), represent three generations of the revered muscle car. Vintage signage and memorabilia adorn the walls surrounding the GTOs, completing the exhibit. POCI says that the exhibit intends to promote interest in the Pontiac and Oakland brands and to encourage restoration and preservation of the vehicles.

The display is in the Williams-Clyne Gateway Exhibit Gallery, a section of the AACA Museum devoted to rotating exhibits, giving different marques and clubs the chance to be temporarily featured alongside the museum’s permanent collection. The Williams-Clyne gallery was opened in 2017 and according to the museum, aims to “provide a changing landscape of interesting and educational displays among all aspects of the motoring hobby.”

The Pontiac-Oakland Club, founded in 1972, now has 9,000 members internationally and is the second group to inhabit the Williams-Clyne space, preceded only by the National Corvette Restorers Society.

As of May 18, the exhibit holds three GTOs: a first-generation (1964-1967); a second-generation (1968-1972); and a fifth-generation, the Australian-sourced 2004-2006 model. The club will rotate several other vehicles through the gallery before the exhibit closes on October 20.

For more information on the Pontiac-Oakland exhibit at the AACA Museum, visit the exhibit’s webpage at


Photo courtesy of The Federation Internationale Vehicules Anciens.

FIVA, the Federation Internationale Vehicules Anciens, knows that every car has a unique story. The French organization has asked the international car community to help in its mission to protéger (protect), préserver (preserve), and promouvoir (promote) the world’s motoring heritage.

Its newest initiative in this everlasting endeavor is a video-story project. The federation is inviting anyone and everyone to send in stories and photos they may have of vehicles or famous automotive personalities to be featured in future videos. The goal is to create a diverse, historical collection of automotive stories from around the world.

FIVA has already produced and posted several of the short videos, with one providing a summary of Indian automotive history in under four minutes and another focusing on Italian designer Marcello Gandini who penned both the Lamborghini Countach and Miura.

If you have a story to share about your car or country, or if you’re interested in learning about others, head to or send an email to