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WATCH THIS: Barn…garage…no, BASEMENT find!

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Here at the Hemmings office, there’s one thing we absolutely never, ever get tired of hearing about: the barn find. We don’t care if the barn is actually a garage, a carport, a backyard, a shed, or a thick stand of trees. It’s all cool, and we don’t even care if it’s a vintage lawn tractor or an abandoned chainsaw. We dig it. And we know you’re cut from the same cloth.

So, when we stumbled across Auto Archaeology’s video of a furniture factory basement full of dusty, sweaty GM muscle, we knew it didn’t really matter if you’ve seen the same video a thousand times: You’ll watch it all over again like the last episode of The Sopranos (we won’t say Game Of Thrones. Oops.).

So, Go-Jo your cruddy mitts, throw a fresh Hot Pocket in the microwave, kick back, and spend a quality 20 minutes with us on this little treasure trove of some of the more rare mules that came forth from the bowels of the legendary General Motors factories in the late Sixties. God Bless America.