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Daily Briefing: Rapid Response, a film about the deadliest era of racing; A new trophy for the Grand National Roadster Show; Frazer Nash Car Club celebrates 50th annual “raid” to the Alps

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Rapid Response, a new movie that tells the story of the deadliest era in racing, not only highlights the ruthlessness of the sport, but the people and technology who turned it into one of the safest sports today. The film follows the teams of medical and safety professionals in the 1960s who did everything they could to change the outcomes of the brutal racing accidents they witnessed.

Last week, the filmmakers joined forces with Atlas Film Distribution to get the documentary into American theaters. The film premiered at Indiana State Museum’s IMAX Theater this past Friday, May 24, two days prior to the 2019 Indy 500. It will hit other theaters across the country on September 6, 2019.

Watch the official trailer and learn more about the history of the movie and the team behind it at


The Grand National Roadster Show of Pomona, California, the longest running indoor car show in the world has released its new trophy. The Al Slonaker Memorial Award trophy stands 54 inches tall and was designed by automotive designer and hot-rod enthusiast Eric Brockmeyer.

The Al Slonaker award has been given to the best non-roadster vehicle at the show annually since 1974. The new trophy will be used for the first time at the 2020 show next January. The organization will keep the trophy for perpetuity, but smaller versions will be given out to the winners of the award along with a new cash prize of $12,500. The trophy was designed in memory of Al and Mary Slonaker who founded the show in 1949 and seeks to represent the elegance and prestige that the show prides itself on.

The award will be given to the vehicle that provides the best combination of “originality, style, design, craftsmanship, engineering, and functionality.” More information on the Grand National Roadster Show can be found at


For the 50th consecutive year, the members of the Frazer Nash Car Club will take their annual “raid” to the Alps. This year’s event will start in the United Kingdom and continue through France, Germany, and Austria. The journey will end in Bolzano, Italy, to celebrate the first raid of 1969 that ended in the same place. The upcoming raid, scheduled for June, will mark the club’s sixth excursion to the northern Italian city and it will be led by the children of the original organizers.

Started in 1969 by David Thirlby, the raids commemorate the success experienced by the Frazer-Nash cars in the Alpine Trials of the early 1930s. The rear-wheel-drive, chain-driven British sports cars had a fantastic power-to-weight ratio and tight, direct steering, making them ideal for corner carving in the Alps. The later models ditched the chain in favor of a traditional transmission, but maintained many of the lightweight, agile characteristics of the earlier cars.

The raid will begin on June 8, and on June 10 the group will gather at the Hotel Laurin in Bolzano with all 90 participating cars. The raid will end back in the U.K. on June 16. More information can be found at