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WATCH THIS: How to do the Musclepalooza return lane

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Musclepalooza is always one of our favorite events that we put on, every year. With hundreds of great American muscle cars parked in the lot out in front of the Lebanon Valley drag strip to show and an absolutely crammed few hundred feet of staging lanes ready to race, it’s an absolutely jam-packed day of racin,’ watchin,’ eatin,’ drinkin,’ and all-around funnin.’

And while Hemmings Nation comes out in force to this event in upstate New York twice a year, a few of you record the day’s festivities for us all to enjoy – especially for those of us who can’t be there, in-person. One such fan, who goes by the YouTube handle, “Corvairwild,” was good enough to record one of the great unofficial ‘Palooza events: the return lane.

So, while you’re under the hood, prepping the car for this weekend’s drag racing, get a little inspiration from Corvairwild’s video from last year’s pageant of the racecar return lane. Watch closely and you’ll even catch a glimpse of Hemmings’ fearless behind-the-scenes confusion-fixer, Brad Babson!

And we’ll see you this weekend!