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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1963 Mercedes-Benz 190c Kombiwagen

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Binz-bodied 1963 Mercedes-Benz 190c Kombiwagen for sale on From the seller’s description:

VIN No. 110.001-10-082221

Motor No. 121.924-10-080003

Binz Karosserie No. 2166

Mercedes Build Date: March 8th, 1964

Binz Build Date: June 8th, 1964

This Mercedes Benz 190c Kombiwagon (built by German coachbuilder Binz & Co. Karosseriefabrik located in Lorch/Wuttemberg Germany) is one of very few surviving examples. The wagon starts, runs, drives and stops with no issues. It is complete with all original trim, glass, wheels (15 inch), keys, Becker radio, Owner’s manual, Service booklet, Service station booklet, Parts Picture Catalog ‘B’, tool kit and coat hook. There are two (2) original Data Cards from Binz – one is stapled inside the Service booklet and one is loose. A copy of the Data Card from Mercedes is included.

Mechanically the wagon is in very good condition. The 4 cylinder gas engine has been completely rebuilt. (Apparently a blown head gasket took the car off the road sometime around 1980 or 1981 at which time it was placed in dry storage.) The block was bored and sleeved, replacement pistons were sourced, along with rings, oil pump, timing chain, tensioner, etc., etc. The head was beyond repair, so another head was obtained and completely redone with new guides, valves and seals. The water pump was replaced, the carburetor was rebuilt, the generator was refreshed as well as the distributor. The gas tank and radiator were sent out for refurbishing. All fuel hoses, vacuum hoses, water hoses and motor mounts were replaced.

The braking system was completely gone through replacing the master cylinder, front calipers & pads, rear wheel cylinders & shoes and both front & rear hoses.

The front end was examined and no issues were found. The king pins, wheel bearings, tie rods, center link and steering box are in good condition. All fittings were properly lubricated.

The 4 speed manual transmission, pressure plate and clutch disc were found to be in good working order. The pilot bearing, throw-out bearing and shifter bushings were replaced.

All lights, wipers, horn, turn signals and gauges work. The speedometer works but the odometer is inoperative. The clock works, however there is no sound from the Becker radio. The blower motor works and the heater valves were rebuilt. A matching set of Hankook tires were mounted and balanced. The spare rim (without a tire) is present. The exhaust system is in working order, but will need replacing.

The body is in good condition with minimal rust through. The floor pans, inner rockers, rear cargo area, doors, sills, hood, lift gate, rear quarters, right front fender, right outer rocker and front cross member have no rust through. The left front fender has a small amount of rust through at the very bottom and the front of the left outer rocker has a small hole rusted through (this damage was caused from a stopped up drain). The car was originally painted Papyrus White (717), but sometime along the way was repainted (appears to be a light yellow or ivory). The paint is faded and peeling leaving some areas exposed. Those areas have been treated to prevent rust through. There is minor damage at the rear from transporting the car. The windshield needs replacing. All other glass including rear side windows and lift gate window are all Sekurit in good condition. The chrome bumpers, grill shell, window trim and moldings will need to be refurbished. The original Binz emblems are present on both front fenders and the Binz number tag is attached to the driver’s door jam.

The blue interior is complete but not in the best of condition. The front seat coverings are torn and split, the dash is bowed, the door panels need attention and the headliner has a tear. The rear seat is in decent condition, but one of the hinge brackets needs to be reattached. The steering wheel is cracked and the rubber floor coverings are torn. All door handles, window cranks, knobs, arm rests, door caps, ash trays, lighter and removable coat hook are present. Both factory brackets for the coat hook are present.

This wagon has a factory Webasto manual sunroof. The sunroof has been lubricated and adjusted along with replacing the worn out slides. It opens and closes with no issues.

There is very little history on this wagon. All indications appear that it could have been a one Owner car owned by a doctor in California. The service book is stamped by Carwell Corporation located in Hermosa Beach, CA and two service stickers from Glendale Lube Masters. The last service was performed at 80,773 miles on July 9th, 1980. Currently the odometer shows 83,882 miles.

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Douglasville, Georgia
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