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POLL: Which Galaxie – far, far away?

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Time for another poll, kids! This week, we’ve got the legendary and much-pined-for Ford Galaxie on our bent, little minds. And, since we can’t leave anything well enough alone, we’re thinking about customized Galaxies. And who did it better: in this case, either American Racing or Larry Watson.

American Racing used its fairly stock-bodied ’63 Galaxie to showcase its new magnesium five-spoke racing wheels, making one of the coolest performance full-bodied Fords ever. EVER.

Larry Watson, the famed West Coast custom paint guy, not only mildly customized his ’63 Galaxie, but gave it the pearled Watson business, a juiced front-end stance, and chromed reversed wheels with tri-bar caps.

So, we know we’re asking the impossible, but which one do you like more at this moment? We know your vote will change tomorrow — don’t beat yourself up over that. We’re here to support you.