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WATCH THIS: candy-colored, metalflake, fishscaled, scalloped goodness

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While there’s nothing better than some great historic celluloid to get our little black hearts pumping, sometimes a video that’s nothing more than a pile of great old photos stitched together with a bed of music is just what the doctor ordered. Take this one, f’rinstance: a compilation of some of the greatest/wildest/eye-burningest paint jobs we’ve seen in quite some time, set to music. We’ll take it all day long.

So, put this one on play and just drink in all the paneled, striped, faded, scaled, splashed and metalflaked goodness. Sometimes, too much is never enough. And, while it’s good to see new paint being inspired by the old masters, we can only hope that more than a few of these paint jobs have survived over the decades. After all, Man cannot live by horsepower, alone…