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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1996 Volkswagen Passat TDI

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Manual transmission 1996 Volkswagen Passat TDI station wagon for sale on From the seller’s description:

Very clean example of B4V. The undercarriage is totally rust free. Not even surface rust.

The only rust on the body is the left front fender. I’ve left it that way so the buyer knows exactly what he is getting. If it was replace and repainted there would be doubts about the rest of the body. Also the clear coat is peeling, but the base coat is undamaged. Driving this car is an experience. Feels like a much bigger engine. And it is very stable at highway speeds.

History: (for those unfamiliar with the B4V)
Limited Production, Only 980 B4V-TDIs, sold in the United States
Only built in 1996 and first month of 1997.
Less than 700 still registered in the United States.

B4V-TDIs don’t have the EPA emission controls that plague all newer TDIs,
Get higher MPG than newer TDIs.

18.5 Gallon Tank. Gets close to 900 Miles on a Tank.

1.9 TDI 1Z / AHU I4 SOHC 8 Valve, Turbocharged Direct Injection.

This B4V Suspension:

5 Lug suspension upgrade from 4 Lug.

Tie rods, ball joints, axles, spindles, lower control arms, all the bushings etc., bigger brakes and stainless steel brake lines.

Bilstein TC Struts on the front, Koni sport on the rear, all new parts.

Rear brake calipers are Mk4 Aluminum with new rotors and ceramic pads.

17-inch wheels.

This B4V engine:

PD 150 Intake EGR-delete.

FA tunable ECU installed.

Upgraded injector nozzles.

Better MPG and Surprisingly Good Power.

This B4V body:

Depo E-code glass headlights.

Euro Light switch for fog lights.

Curt tow hitch.

Location Marker
08055, New Jersey
Magnifying Glass

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