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Nothing a set of Cragars can’t solve

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What nonsense is this? Welp, if you grew up in the mid-century suburbs, the idea those developers had in mind for you was…”same.” Same houses on uniform plots, same driveways, same mailboxes, compliant red brick facades, a sensible Maple in every front yard. Shutters on the windows? Let’s not go crazy, here – better make them…taupe. All of them.

But we’re guessing nobody in the city planners’ office took teenagers into consideration. A wild purple-paneled Barracuda drag car running Cragars and a hood scoop parked on the gleaming concrete driveway of Lot #28475G? No. This does not comply.

Anyone know this car? Anybody know these guys? ARE you one of these guys? Or were you the camera? Let’s hear all about this one…