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Cheap collectibles – the memorable motoring attributes of shot glasses

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Photography by author.

Souvenirs come in all forms, but none are more useable than the little shot glass. For a small glass container that holds only 1.5 ounces of your favorite liquid, shot glasses hold a lifetime of memories. Decorated with the name of a particular place — be it a city, state, museum, state park, national monument, or race track — shot glasses will forever be a constant reminder of that memorable vacation you took with your family.

Besides being cheap to buy, usually costing between $3 and $8 each, their small size means that they don’t take up much space. So you can pack a whole lot of shot glasses into a small space.

Last year, at a local antique store here in central Massachusetts, we found this wooded display piece for a mere $14. After some adjustments to the wooden slats and a quick repaint, it now hangs in my TV room and holds 72 shot glasses, with a few more displayed on the top.

Not only practical, the designs and logos remind me of some great places — whether its the Owls Head Transportation Museum in Maine or the Indianapolis 500, or even last summer’s outing to the Bronx Zoo, I only buy shot glasses from those places I actually visit; if I wasn’t there, I don’t want the glass.

At one flea-market vendor’s table, I spotted this smaller 1-ounce shot glass with an illustration of a 1920s-era Morris. For a buck, how could I not buy it!