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WATCH THIS: muscle car primer!

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This week’s newsletter theme is all about “back to basics.” We think it’s a good idea to dust this off every now and again. After all, it’s great to really push the limits of what we all consider “Muscle,” but we can only do that in good faith if we’ve got a rock-solid, foundational understanding of the cars that made up the early generations of the category, right?

And so, it’s with that in mind that we bring you this great little video. Yeah, it’s some 20-minutes long, but you can toggle through it, back and forth, and it won’t matter. It’s all good. Good, because we should all walk through a junkyard or a one-owner used car lot or just trudge through the woods every once in awhile, testing our base muscle car knowledge against whatever we’re lucky enough to trip over. If you can figure out how to bring our Editor-In-Chief, Terry McGean, along with you, you wouldn’t need this video – you’d be living this dream. But Terry’s wife won’t lend him out like that, so this will just have to do till you get through high-level negotiations with her.

Kick back, fix yourself a bag of extra-butter popcorn, pour yourself a rootbeer and watch this thing. We think you’ll dig it. And if that’s you in the video, let us know – we’ll meet you at the SEMA Show this year and burgers are on us. Terry’s buying.