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Vintage early 1930s ads – looking back at America’s automotive newspaper history

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Imagine what’s stashed in attics and basements everywhere, especially in old houses and buildings. Decades-old newspapers, magazines, postcards, comic books, and baseball cards are just some of the more popular items that people kept as tokens of the past, or simply forgot were hidden somewhere below the dust-covered rafters.

Hemmings reader Orin Hutchinson of Santa Cruz, California, recently sent us these old newspaper clippings that were published in Wyoming’s The Casper Daily Tribune and Tribune Herald back in the 1920s and ’30s. “Maybe 20 years ago, several fragile old Wyoming newspapers came my way,” Orin wrote. “I couldn’t keep them, but before discarding, I cut out some interesting items including these advertisements and articles. Maybe they are of interest to some of your gearhead staff, or you have a historical repository. Hopefully, they are useful to somebody there.”

Of course, the most attention-grabbing ads are those that list the prices of goods, such as tires, and used cars. Truly amazing. Enjoy!