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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1986 Toyota MR2

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Solid-roof 1986 Toyota MR2 for sale on From the seller’s description:

This is an extremely clean version of this car. It is also extremely rare. I was told there are less than 200 of the cars without a sunroof or t-top in this color with a manual in the entire US.

This car has the standard 4AGE Engine that was rebuilt by a professional Toyota Shop 2 years ago. This new rebuild has about 2,500 miles on the new engine. All of the lights work and the car drives like a dream. The drive axles have all been upgraded which means you can do burnouts to your hearts content and the sound system in the car is all custom. This car is extremely stock aside from those two modifications the only others being the steering wheel and shift knob. (I will give you the factory ones with the car). The body has roughly 150,000 miles on it and has been very well maintained. This MR2 has never seen a winter before as it is always stored. Now I will list everything wrong with the car: the antenna (no need for antenna when you have a bluetooth radio), the trunk only opens from the key (needs new cable), the fan only works on the 2 highest settings (needs new resistor for $2), the speed sensor needs to be replaced, and finally it has the rust spots shown in the pictures. One of those spots is only in the undercoating and the others are just on the bumper which has fading paint anyway. (You can get a bumper from a scrapyard or part out that’s color matched for $100). That’s it. The car has been kept up like a queen with full synthetic every 6 months.

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Wheaton, Illinois
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