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Lost and Found overflow – Jeep wheelcover, Jeep, wheelcover

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Ours is a hectic, fast-paced world, in which we can only pause to research miscellany for so long before it’s time to meet another deadline. That’s why, even though we’re sure we’ve seen this wheelcover that reader Carl photographed and sent us (“I have a set of four that I picked up ages ago because I liked them,” he explained), we’re going to toss this one out to y’all for an answer. We see that single “J” logo on other mid-Sixties Jeeps, but not on wheelcovers like this.

While we’re at it, let’s dig through the Lost and Found queue for some related puzzles. For a while there, we had a good number of mystery wheelcovers cross our desk, including this one from reader Chad of Cleveland, who came across the wheelcover in a friend’s barn. “It was there when he bought the barn in the 1980s, and the previous owner didn’t even know he had the hubcap,” Chad wrote.

This one came from Bruce Gossett, who came across it on Facebook. We can’t be sure — and we wish the license plates were more legible so we could better tell where this photo was taken — but we’re willing to bet the coupe-ified Jeep might have been inspired by the American Command in Germany’s Jeep coachbbuilding competition just after World War II.

Similarly, this coupe-ified Jeep came from Facebook, specifically the G503 page, and was submitted by Peter Brooke. We at least know its origins — the 398th Bomb group stationed in Nuthampstead in England.