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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1968 Dodge Charger

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Unrestored 1968 Dodge Charger for sale on From the seller’s description:

This vehicle has an interesting history. I believe I am probably the fourth owner of the car. I think it has always been an Arkansas car. The original owner (perhaps the second, I cannot verify) traded this vehicle to another individual in exchange for a paint job on his other muscle car. This owner (whom I bought it from was a Charger enthusiast, and had a 69, 70 and a few other Chargers at one time. Because he did not wish to evict his other Chargers from the garage, he parked this Charger outside, uncovered, underneath a car port, accounting for the weathered condition of the vehicle and the rust. He started it regularly, drove it down the street occasionally and parked it in his front yard with manequins inside during Halloween, he nicknamed it ‘The Beast. The flat pad on the block front has the stamping 440 HP, see close up pics, as well as close up of Dana 60 rear case tag. I believe the radiator is original to the car as it has Chrysler markings. The carb is not original. The last 2 two pics show, first, the part number on the passenger front side of the transmission case gearbox, looks to be “PP 8332464”, the last 4 of 2464 decoding to a ‘Friday, April 26th, 1968’ build date, according to a mopar decoder website. Last, the number on the driver side of block just in front of the starter, 4006630. I believe there are probably more numbers to this sequence hidden by the starter case.

The gentleman I purchased it from never titled the vehicle in his name, he kept the ‘green’ Arkansas title, dated “Dec 14 1977” in his filing cabinet, until I purchased it.I have included a digital photo of the title for verification (I had to turn it when upon registering it in my name). I have lived in this area for 20 years, just a few miles away from where this vehicle was stored behind his house, never observing it on the street or knowing it existed. The P.O. stated he always thought about restoring the car, ‘but never got around to it’. As far as to the current condition, it is a non power steering, non power disc brake car, it was obviously made for straight line runs, and has 2 massive slicks on back. The brakes are completely shot and have NO stopping power. It does run and drive and I drove it onto my hauler. It has to be started by gas line running to the fuel pump from a plastic container under hood. The engine does not smoke, rattle, sneeze etc. The rear roof area is in poor shape with corrosion, rust and holes. The hood is crumpled in the middle as the P.O., upon exchange, drove it home with the hood improperly latched and it smacked back against the windshield, crumpling the hood in the middle. I do have another 68 hood that he gave me that will go with the car, it is a bit rough but, I believe salvageable.

This vehicle, obviously, will need complete restoration, trunk and floor pans, roof etc. The last pics are of the green Arkansas title dated 1977. Note that on the VIN number, the second digit is a ‘5’, not the correct ‘S’, obviously a mistake when titled as there is no numeral in that space. I did a ‘VIN verification with local law enforcement and have clear non salvage Arkansas title in my name, with the correct ‘S’ in place on the VIN title.

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Hot Springs Village, Arkansas
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