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WATCH THIS: Hot indoor muscle action to keep you warm!

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Look, we know. We know how miserable it is outside this week. We also know that even if your garage is attached to the house, there’s a literal snowball’s chance that you’re gonna be in it, anytime soon, without car keys in hand and Fargo-style parka on.

So, it’s with that understanding that we bring you a great little video of our buddy, Jay Ward – of Pixar Animation Studio fame – and his team’s Lightning McQueen – of  the “Cars” juggernaut fame – scale model toy.

While this ain’t a cheap shill for the actual remote-control scale model car, it is an incredibly interesting peek into how a guy like Jay does his grossly-enviable Creative Director job at one of the most beloved film studios on Earth. Listen to how he describes what’s expected of the toy, the company that makes it, the team that directs them and the studio that attaches its name to it. What a job, right? So cool.

If you have one of these Lightning McQueens already, let’s hear about it. If you don’t, see if Amazon will deliver one to you and then send us your own video of your living room-turned-Radiator Springs. We know you can’t justify heading out to the toy aisle at Target right now. We know.