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You know, your photos of decrepit old cars would look good in our Abandoned Autos calendar

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You’re probably reading this on a smartphone, which means you’re one or two swipes and taps away from thousands of photos you’ve taken, many of which are likely of old cars and trucks. And some of those are likely of the vehicles you see slowly seeking a return to the earth along the side of the road in your travels. How about you put those photos to work in our 2020 Abandoned Autos calendar?

The Abandoned Autos calendars we put out tend to be the most popular, and they’re largely made up of photos that readers have submitted to us throughout the years. Doesn’t matter if the photos come from a pro or from a hobby shooter, we appreciate them all the same. We even pay $50 to $100 (depending on how we use the photo) if your image is included in the calendar. We just have a few basic guidelines:

  • We accept color images only, no black and whites.
  • Digital images are the preferred format, at the minimum size we require for print purposes (300 DPI and 1800 pixels wide, or a minimum of 7 megapixels). Prints (4-inch x 6-inch and larger), slides and transparencies are also acceptable. Your name, address and phone number should be on each image.
  • Vehicles must be abandoned.
  • An accurate identification (year, make and model) on the vehicle(s), is always appreciated, but not necessary.
  • There is no minimum or maximum number of images to submit.
  • There is no deadline for submissions, photos are accepted year-round.
  • If you’ve submitted printed photos and would like them returned, a self-addressed stamped envelope with proper postage must be included with your submission.
  • To submit your photos, email them to or mail them to us at:

Hemmings Motor News
Attn: Mary Brott
PO Box 256
Bennington, VT 05201

If your image is selected for inclusion in an upcoming calendar, we’ll send you a contract specifying terms and payment. Please keep in mind when submitting images that out of about a thousand submissions, we use only 25 to 30 photographs per calendar. But don’t let that deter you; we shortlist previously submitted photos for future calendars and publications all the time.

To answer a few questions that got brought up last year, photo releases and permissions to photograph abandoned cars are the responsibility of the photographer, vehicles awaiting restoration are not considered abandoned, we do not accept partial shots, and we do look for photographs from all four seasons. Also, please be respectful of other people’s property and exercise caution when taking photos of abandoned vehicles; don’t risk a snake bite or tetanus just for a photo.

And if you haven’t bought your 2019 Abandoned Autos calendar just yet, they’re still in stock on