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Four-Links – Packard WWI trucks, Indy 500 viper, STP FTC, Lordstown

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Dave Lockard, who we met at Hershey a few years back, will take home a pair of AACA National awards for his pair of Packard World War I trucks, as we learned this week on the WWI Centennial Commission’s website.

* A big mea culpa for the inaccuracies in the recent Dodge Stealth Indy pace car article, which has since been amended with input from both Bob Guerity and Bob Longstreth. The story of the Viper’s rush job to make it to the 1991 Indy 500 is perhaps one we’ll dive into later, but for now, some of it’s covered over at Racers Reunion.

* We previously mentioned that STP had been the subject of a Department of Justice antitrust investigation, and recently we also came across another unsavory STP incident in which the Federal Trade Commission pursued action against STP for false advertising claims in the Seventies. The case was settled in 1995 when STP paid an $880,000 civil penalty.

* Lordstown, which GM recently shuttered, was supposed to be a model for building engaged workforces, as Gwynn Guilford noted in this recent longread about the troubled Ohio plant. Instead, a number of factors — including some that warranted a federal task force report on labor relations — ended up torpedoing that ideal.

* Finally, Tommy Ivo builds a dragster. (via)