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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1954 Packard Cavalier

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Rust-free 1954 Packard Cavalier for sale on From the seller’s description:

While this may not appear cosmetically as anything special, this Packard is VERY special for its low production and rarity; 1953 had been a good year for Packard and the industry. 1954 saw Ford and Chevrolet enter into a sales war that really undermined sales for the independents. Total Packard sales that year were 13,252. Of that amount, 4998 were Clippers (junior series) and 8254 were Cavaliers and series 400 (Patricians, Mayfair hardtops, Caribbeans, Packard convertibles). Of these senior series cars, only 2637 were Cavaliers, making it the rarer than the Patrician, the other 1954 senior series sedan.

This is a truly solid rust-free example sold in dry Austin, TX where it remained all of its life until purchased and relocated to dry Brentwood, TN by its current (4th) Owner. All title history has been completed and included with this sale. Except for the surface rust patina, this car is amazingly solid with alot of the pricey restoration work completed by current and prior owners. See the photo of the thick binder packed full of receipts and paperwork documenting this cars history and restoration work up to this point included with the sale.

Exterior: Exterior is “light green” Bellevue Green factory original color that is straight and undamaged but for the minor right rear quarter side-swipe-type-damage by a prior owner. While the car has a “rough” look to it cosmetically, there is literally no damage except for the right quarter panel that is sufficiently solid for a quality repair. Only the left rear and 1 vent window glass that are cracked. As they are all flat glass they are easily replaceable. All trim is present including the damaged right quarter trim that is repairable to my understanding. Hood, Doors and Decklid open/close solidly as expected with good panel alignment. Exterior will require strip of its lacquer finish, and repainting but should be beautiful when done!

Interior: Dash is complete and all gauges work as they should. The Front Seat has been recovered with a correct factory seat cover where as the rear still has its aftermarket green vinyl cover to protect the original underneath (that will also require replacement). Headliner is intact and except for being soiled from age, will likely require replacement or need to be re-dyed. Floors & Frame are solid. Carpet will require replacement.
Translucent Rare AC vent tubes are included and in place. These are often cracked, broken, missing etc.

Mechanicals: Engine & Trans have both been rebuilt and are documented. The Trans was rebuilt in 2011.
Both Start, run and work as they should with no surprises. No unusual sounds, odors or leaks exist saving the new owner a small fortune. Vehicle has very rare Factory AC that has been rebuilt/restored, lacking only in an
electrical problem in the AC switch to be completed.

If you’re a Packard fan, this is one rare Packard to rediscover. The Big-Ticket items have already been rebuilt or restored leaving only paint, body & Interior. Be assured most of the expensive repairs have been taken care of by current and past owners making this a prime canditate for restoration.
There is significantly more vested in this car than the asking price.
The following is the list of additional items included with this sale:

Packard parts inventory
May 7, 2018

*Box #1 – Starter, Distributor, Oil Pump, Timing Chains, Pulley
*Box # 2 – Windshield Washer bottle, heater hoses, rubbing compound
*Box #3 –
*Box #4 – 6 Volt coils, oil filters, power steering filters, harmonic balancer, box small brass washers, set of upper bushings, box of brass washers for brakes, used rotor, condenser, points, power steering seal kit, miscellaneous screws and fasteners, crankshaft oil slinger, rubber interior brake pedal bellows, 2 parking light lenses, grille crest, bulb
Box #5 – Chrome side trim
Box #6 – Oil bath air cleaner
Box #7 – Gas tank
Box # 8 – Fan, heater and vent ducts, battery tray
*Box * 9 – Oil dipstick, 2 oil coolers, original power steering hose, thermostat tops, steering knuckle, air conditioner compressor hose (cut), hydro-electric line, interior brake pad
Box 10 – 2 Vacuum tanks, 2 sets of brake linings, 2 front shock absorbers, hood latch, trunk latch, one door weather-stripping, trunk weather-stripping, power brake toe plate, two door locks, one trunk lock, miscellaneous rubber grommets, interior brake rubber pad, grille emblem
Box 11 – (Labeled ’52 Packard parts) voltage regulator, water pump repair kit, parking light lenses (2, glass), Turn indicator levers w/ ivory handles, plunger, cigar lighter, fuel vacuum pump, universal joint (used), universal joint kit, king pin bolts (2), accelerator pedal extender, Packard glovebox nameplate, Fram oil filter seal, license light and housing, fuel temperature and speedometer gauge faces (new), piston rings, clutch or brake pedal arm (used), 4 white turn signal lenses for ’51 Patrician, two sealed beam headlights,
Box 12 – Head and exhaust manifold gaskets
Box 13 – (2) 6 Volt blower motors
Box 14 – (2) chrome taillight housings, 8 taillight lenses
* Box 15 – Small hydraulic jack
Box 16 – Car trim removal tools, thermostats (2), door panel clips, front end bolts, windshield wiper arm and blade (1), valve lifters, valve keepers, water pump gasket, belt wear gauges (2), hydro-electric pump hoses and fasteners, power steering belt (cut), miscellaneous bolts, bumper bolts, grille crest, air conditioner tensioner nut, interior passenger air vent cover, hot wire for doors, hydraulic tubing
Box 17 – Fuel pump
Box 18 – Treadle vacuum w/dual vacuum outlets
Box 19 – ’54 327 cubic inch pistons, oil pump, side panels, fuel pump heat shield, timing cover
Box 20 – Water pump, oil filter
Box 21 – Miscellaneous plastic bags, oil line holders, miscellaneous bolts, nuts and brads
Box 22 – Valves, valve keepers, lifter assembly, head bolts, block studs
Box 23 – Small tools, ring compressor, flush kit, circuit testers (4), oil seal remover / tester, rim over,
Strap wrench set
Box 24 –
Box 25 – 12 quarts oil, 2 extra
Box 26 – Electric wrench, rivet gun, compression tester, harmonic balancer puller, tubing bender, gear puller, coil spring compressor, binks guns, timing light, extra wires, steering wheel puller set, mini air compressor, start-n-charge (12 volt),
Box 27 – Air conditioner package shelf vent tubes (clear plastic)
Box 28 – Hydraulic tubing, wire
Box 29 – Heavy-duty pistol grip grease gun, hub puller, heavy-duty gear puller, light green paint, engine gray paint, fuel pump and vacuum gauge tester, sheet metal and machine screws and bolts, engine lift
Box 30 – Timing light, bolts and fasteners (4 boxes), air impact wrench and socket set
Box 31 – Torque wrenches, valve grinder, cylinder hone
Box 32 – Anti-freeze and automatic transmission fluid
Box 33 – Windshield wiper blades, GOJO hand cleaner packs, gas cap, gas tank sending unit, used heater hose w/clamps, gas tank strap bolts
Box 34 – Rust inhibitor, 5 funnels, brake fluid – 2 cans, wheel weight pliers, brake adjusting tool, brake spring clip removers
Box 35 – 4 new hubcaps


Battery maintainer (2); one dual 6 and 12 volt
6 jack stands
Miscellaneous lubricants
Left rear window regulator
Campbell-Hausfeld / Leeson Model MC 88 3.5 HP air compressor
Chicago HVP -30E shop fan
US General Model 99925, 25-gallon 3.5 HP air compressor
Sears 3-ton hydraulic floor jack
Olympic Tools 3/8″ up to 1 ¼” box-end combination wrench – 14 pieces
American tool vise grip set

* Boxes in trunk of car

Location Marker
Brentwood, Tennessee
Magnifying Glass

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