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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1996 Alfa Romeo GTV

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Lightly modified 1996 Alfa Romeo GTV for sale on From the seller’s description:

The GTV “Type 916” is the first car Alfa didn’t sell in the US, as it was introduced right after they stepped out of this market in the ‘90.

Mine comes with a 2 liter turbo (TB in the denomination stands for Turbo Benzina) V6, a little gem with 202 hp, one of the last iterations of the Busso V6 and one of very few currently in the US.

This particular car was manufactured in Italy in January 1996 and immediately sold in Japan, where the PO fitted it with some light performance mods, including a lower sway bar, performance shock absorbers and Eibach springs (I still have them and they go with the sale, but I re-installed stock springs), a Momo wheel and throttle pedal, shorter shifter.

I have added a couple more light mods myself, like a performance Ragazzon exhaust, slotted Tarox disc brakes & pads and a stabilizer bar, which greatly enhance the car’s performance, particularly on the track.

It was imported to the States through Canada a few years (see attached history) back and it comes with a clean Michigan title. Hence, the odometer is in Km, currently showing 95k (approx. 59k miles). I have no reason to believe this is not accurate, as it’s consistent with the Japanese report and the later one from Canada (I also have some of the Japanese service docs). While the car is not 25 year old, it was legally imported (e.g. the speedo has been federalized in miles/hr) and regularly titled and insured. I have no reasons to believe it’s not 100% legal, at least based on my knowledge of the car history and what I have been told by the PO. Please note that the vehicle likely wouldn’t pass the emission test in states like California.

While not a show queen, both interior and exterior are pretty nice, although the original paint shows some discoloration in a couple of points and it has been retouched. The black roof is a professionally installed 3M film. Also, a small crack is visible on the composite plastic hood and wheels show some curb rashes.

In 2015 The PO replaced the turbo with a slightly bigger Garrett unit and checked the engine compression. I have not done a compression test myself but the car is a great deal of fun to drive, like many turbos of the era it has a slight turbo lag, but it pushes strong all the way to the RPM limit.

The car has air conditioning but it currently doesn’t work, everything else is in good working conditions.

I have been taking it to the track/autoX once or twice a year for the past few summers, spending winters in enclosed storage. As documented in the pictures the car comes with a custom fit indoor cover, set of tool and compact spare tire as well as a repair kit (I usually don’t carry the spare around since it takes a lot of space in the trunk). The radio is an aftermarket early 2000s Alpine with Bluetooth and phone connection, it sounds great but the engine sounds better!

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