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Four-Links – Impala RIP, Gladiator reborn, holiday buses, first convertible

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Amid the big announcements from GM this past week came the news that the company was canceling a number of models, including the Impala, which this year turned 60. Eric Lawrence at the Detroit Free Press wrote a mini-obit for the model.

* The other big news in the car world this week was Jeep’s announcement of the return of the Gladiator model (not the Scrambler), so Mac’s Motor City Garage took a look at the history of Jeep’s fullsize pickup.

* Starting this weekend and running through the holidays, the New York Transit Museum will put a handful of vintage buses back into circulation on the streets of Manhattan.

* Given that open cars were the norm for the first couple decades of the automobile, the term “convertible” more likely than not didn’t get passed down from carriages, as did so many other terms for body styles. So this past week, John Heitmann at The Automobile and American Life went in search of the first known usage of the term.

* Finally, though the video above is the latest in a series from Australian vlogger OlFoundryMan on casting pistons for a 1910 Brush (earlier parts here), it’s worth watching for the extreme in-depth discussion on all the decisions that went into the casting process, including the decision not to just machine new pistons out of billet.