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Hemmings Find of the Day – 1968 Ford N600 LCF

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Running and driving 1968 Ford N600 LCF for sale on From the seller’s description:

Nice body. very minimal rust. Very minor cab corner rust that you probably can’t see in the pics. Easy fix. Front floorpan rust but they are still very solid and wouldn’t need fixed to be driven. That’s up to you I guess but there are no holes and the original floormat is still in usable shape. No bondo on the body. No dents to speak of. Doors close/open fine as do the hoods. Clear title that matches the VIN tag. You can do the truck however but it would be easy to shorten the frame and put a 63-66 box on it and use the existing drivetrain. This is a ’68, but ford was still using the older style cab and matches a the older box style. I’ve done it before by taking the duals off and spacing the inner wheel out a little to look a little better. I know this drivetrain and frame is not ideal for a rod, but if your on a budget and just want to tool around locally, the 391 V8 runs perfect. 4barrel. The transmission is the original HD 5-speed manual. The motor runs perfect even though it probably hasn’t had a tuneup in a long time. It doesn’t smoke, doensn’t have blowby, doesn’t tick or knock. Oil and water look fine. No head gasket issues. No misses. The truck will be setup to lot drive for loading. The brakes don’t work but the parking brake does. Most likely needs a master cylinder. I’ve driven around my place and tried all gears but did not drive it far. If you have no interest in the drivetrain, I can take the engine/transmission out.

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EUREKA, Montana
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