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Four-Links – Allard repros, by Minor to South Africa, IMS Museum, oldest concrete street

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The New York Times reported this month that the current Allard replica scene will soon double with an entry from Sydney Allard’s family, who are none too happy about the existing replicas.

* New Zealander Laura Morrison is currently driving her father’s 1958 Morris Minor from Scotland to Cape Town, South Africa, largely to honor her father, who recently died of melanoma. (via)

Photo by The359.

* The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum’s plans for revamping their exhibits go well beyond the restoration of a few cars in the collection, as the Indianapolis Business Journal recently detailed.

* The oldest stretch of concrete road in the country still exists in Bellefontaine, Ohio, according to AA Roads.

* Finally, Bob Casey with the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant shares in the above video five factors that made the Ford Model T revolutionary on its introduction in 1908. (via)