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Four-Links – Wild Cherry found, Greyhound in Canada, Elegante, Carbon Copy

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In the ongoing saga of the Wild Cherry custom van, Teri Maddox of the Belleville News-Democrat reported this week that Chris Carter has been extradited to California and that it appears the van has been located, but without a drivetrain and with a hasty repaint.

* The CBC reported this week on the last Greyhound to run through Nelson, British Columbia, the town where Greyhound’s Canada operations was born.

* The Old Motor this week dug up a period photo of the Elegante, a Cadillac-based custom car that led a concept-car’s life.

* If you’re visiting Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, anytime soon, make sure you check out “Carbon Copy,” a new art installation by Caitlind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garrett. (via)

* Finally, a Golf that rolls from the Dutch equivalent of Colin Furze.