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VIDEO: watch the cover come off our cover car!

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If you saw our latest issue of Muscle Machines, you’ll notice that the car on the cover is what the kids call a “WIP:” Work In Progress. And the great thing about a WIP is that, sooner or later, it’ll be finished, running and driving. At least, that’s always the plan, right?

Welp, Zane Cullen and his guys at Cotati Speed Shop finally finished that bare-metal beauty we featured in the magazine just in time to reveal it at this year’s SEMA Show in Vegas. And, of course, we were there to see it all go down. If you were there – and it was probably the most well-attended car reveal on a full dance card of car reveals – you got to see the car up close and personal. If you weren’t there, we thought the least we could do is record the whole thing for you. Crack one open and spend 10 minutes with us. We won’t disappoint you.